Scaling your business

We understand that the journey of scaling a business is as unique as the business itself. Through innovative solutions in web development, design, and SEO, we provide the digital backbone essential for growth so you can Search No More.

Scaling Your Business

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What we value






Our Mission

Our Mission

Our mission is to help our clients achieve their business goals through effective and affordable web development, design and SEO services. We strive to deliver high-quality solutions that are tailored to meet the unique needs of each client, and we are committed to providing exceptional customer service that exceeds their expectations.

About Us

At Search No More, we're more than just a web development agency. We're a digital marketing agency with a team of passionate individuals committed to excellence and innovation. Our core values guide everything we do, shaping our approach to every project and interaction. For web development, web design, and SEO services in Pretoria, Search No More.

Founded to reimagine the digital landscape, Search No More has quickly become a leader in web design and development. With a focus on creativity, quality, and innovation, we've helped multiple clients achieve their goals and stand out in South Africa’s broad market.

Our Tech Stack

Our Pricing

*Excluding costs of domain, business emails & CMS subscription


R 4,500


  • - Shopify
  • - Wix


  • - Responsive Design
  • - Basic SEO Setup
  • - Quick turnaround time
  • - E-commerce functionality
  • - Secure payment gateway integration
  • - Up to 25 products included

Ideal For

  • - Retailers
  • - Online Stores


R 3,000


  • - Wix
  • - Squarespace
  • - Webflow


  • - Responsive Design
  • - Basic SEO Setup
  • - Quick turnaround time
  • - Easy-to-use CMS
  • - Basic CMS training

Ideal For

  • - Startups
  • - Small Businesses
  • - Personal Websites




  • - Built on NextJS
  • - Styled with Tailwind CSS


  • - Responsive Design
  • - Advanced SEO configuraiton
  • - Custom functionality and features
  • - Scalability & Flexibility
  • - Integration with third-party APIs and services
  • - Ongoing support & maintenance

Ideal For

  • - Corporates
  • - Complex Projects

Our Onboarding Process

Our seamless onboarding process guides you from initial consultations to project kick-off meetings, ensuring clarity and success with our dedicated team by your side.



During our first meeting, we introduce ourselves and get to know each other's businesses.

project overview

Project Overview

Here we cover the scope of the project, the budget, deadlines, etc. Everything needed before production.

Initiation Phase

Initiation Phase

Once we receive the deposit, we can officially begin the project and initiate production.

Design Overview

Design Overview

Once designs are completed we meet to discuss any changes and outline a final for development

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